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Zions Narrows River Hike

Zion Adventure Company will provide an outfitting information session, Canyon hiking shoes, and dry bags.

Following the Virgin River north into Zion Canyon, 1500 to 2500-foot sandstone walls slowly encroach upon the river, a mere 1/4-mile wide at the Temple of Sinawava. From here, the canyon walls squeeze down incredibly to 25 to 30-feet in breadth at “Wall Street,” defining the world-famous Zion “Narrows.” Wall Street is a 2-mile (3.2 km) section of slot canyon where the walls thin to 22-feet (7.2m) wide and 1,500 feet (455 m) high. No road or trail can take you to this awesome place; you must walk through the river to see it for yourself. Smoothly carved sandstone walls, beautifully fluted, twisting slots, and towering walls await you.

Experience at a Glance: 
  • Outfitting session at Zion Adventure Company
  • 7 minute pre-hike information video
  • Q & A about the hike with our helpful, friendly staff
  • Get comfortable in the River Canyon Shoes
  • Grab any dry bags you need
  • Self-shuttle to the hike using the Free Zion Shuttle System (1 hr each way)
  • Hike is 50% in the water, 50% on shorelines
  • Most hikers spend 4-6 hours doing this up and back hike