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Session I

The Bonding Hypothesis of Takeover Defenses: Evidence from IPO Firms
William C. Johnson, Suffolk University
Jonathan Karpoff, University of Washington
Sangho Yi, Sogang University
Discussant: Michael Lemmon, BlackRock
Estimating the Benefits of Contractual Completeness
Gregor Matvos, University of Chicago
Discussant: Benjamin Iverson, Northwestern University

Session II

Asset Quality Misrepresentation by Financial Intermediaries: Evidence from RMBS Market
Tomasz Piskorski, Columbia GSB
Amit Seru, University of Chicago
James Witkin, Columbia GSB
Discussant: Tyler Shumway, University of Michigan
Synthetic or Real? The Equilibrium Effects of Credit Default Swaps on Bond Markets
Martin Oehmke, Columbia University
Adam Zawadowski, Boston University
Discussant: William Fuchs, UC – Berkeley
Self-Enhancing Transmission Bias and Active Investing
Bing Han, University of Texas
David Hirshleifer, University of California – Irvine
Discussant: Bruce Carlin, University of California – LA

Session III

The Pre-FOMC Announcement Drift
David Lucca, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Emanuel Moench, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Discussant: Chris Parsons, University of California – SD
Notes on Bonds: Liquidity at All Costs in the Great Recession
David Musto, University of Pennsylvania
Greg Nini, University of Pennsylvania
Krista Schwarz, University of Pennsylvania
Discussant: Josephine Smith, NYU

Session IV

Investor Attention and Stock Market Volatility
Daniel Andrei, University of California – LA
Michael Hasler, Swiss Finance Institute
Discussant: Murray Carlson, UBC
Heterogeneous Information Diffusion and Horizon Effects in Average Returns
Oliver Boguth, ASU
Murray Carlson, University of British Columbia
Adlai Fisher, University of British Columbia
Mikhail Simutin, University of Toronto
Discussant: Alan Moreira, Yale University
Measuring the "Dark Matter" in Asset Pricing Models
Hui Chen, MIT
Leonid Kogan, MIT
Winson Wei Dou, MIT Sloan School of Management
Discussant: Bradyn Breon-Drish, Stanford University