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Session I

Sticking to Your Plan: Hyperbolic Discounting and Credit Card Debt Paydown
Theresa Kuchler, New York University
Discussant: Denis Sosyura, University of Michigan
Does Greater Inequality Lead to More Household Borrowing? New Evidence from Household Data
Olivier Coibion, University of Texas at Austin
Yuriy Gorodnichenko, University of California, Berkeley
Marianna Kudlyak, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
John Mondragon, University of California, Berkeley
Discussant: Brian Melzer, Northwestern University

Session II

Learning about CEO Ability and Stock Return Volatility
Yihui Pan, University of Utah
Tracy Yue Wang, University of Minnesota
Michael S. Weisbach, Ohio State University
Discussant: Dirk Jenter, Stanford University
Patent Trolls
Lauren Cohen, Harvard Business School
Umit G. Gurun, University of Texas at Dallas
Scott Duke Kominers, Harvard University
Discussant: Shawn Miller, Stanford Law School
What Will It Do For My EPS? A Straightforward But Powerful Motive for Mergers
Gerald T. Garvey, BlackRock
Todd Milbourn, Washington University in St. Louis
Kangzhen Xie, University of Arkansas
Discussant: David Robinson, Duke University

Session III

Short Selling Risk
Joseph Engelberg, UC San Diego
Adam Reed, University of North Carolina
Matthew Ringgenberg, Washington University in St. Louis
Discussant: Juhani Linnainmaa, University of Chicago
Asset Pricing in the Frequency Domain: Theory and Empirics
Ian Dew-Becker, Duke University
Stefano Giglio, University of Chicago
Discussant: Hui Chen, MIT

Session IV

Firm Age, Investment Opportunities, and Job Creation
Manuel Adelino, Duke University
Song Ma, Duke University
David T. Robinson, Duke University
Discussant: Martin Schmalz, University of Michigan
Interim Fund Performance and Fundraising in Private Equity
Brad M. Barber, University of California, Davis
Ayako Yasuda, University of California, Davis
Discussant: Richard Townsend, Dartmouth University
Captive Finance and the Coase Conjecture
Justin Murfin, Yale University
Ryan Pratt, Brigham Young University
Discussant: Rodney Ramcharan, Board of Governors, Fed