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Session I

Stock Returns over the FOMC Cycle
Anna Cieslak, Duke
Adair Morse, Berkeley
Annette Vissing-Jorgensen, Berkeley
Discussant: Bryan Kelly, Chicago
Competition, Markups and Predictable Returns
Alexandre Corhay, UBC
Howard Kung, LBS
Lukas Schmid, Duke
Discussant: Ian Dew-Becker, Northwestern

Session II

Credit Expansion and Neglected Crash Risk
Matthew Baron, Cornell
Wei Xiong, Princeton
Discussant: Alan Moreira, Yale

Session III

The Contract Year Phenomenon in the Corner Office: An Analysis of Firm Behavior During CEO Contract Renewals
Ping Liu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Yuhai Xuan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Discussant: Marina Niessner, Yale
Financing Payouts
Joan Farre-Mensa, Harvard
Roni Michaely, Cornell and IDC
Martin Schmalz, Michigan
Discussant: Sheridan Titman, UT Austin

Session IV

Decision-Making under the Gambler's Fallacy: Evidence from Asylum Judges, Loan Officers, and Baseball Umpires
Daniel Chen, ETH Zurich
Tobia J. Moskowitz, Chicago
Kelly Shue, Chicago
Discussant: Kent Daniel, Columbia
V-Shaped Disposition: Mutual Fund Trading Behavior and Price Effects
Li An, Tsinghua
Bronson Argyle, BYU
Discussant: Juhani Linnainmaa, Chicago
Four Centuries of Return Predictability
Benjamin Golez, Notre Dame
Peter Koudijs, Stanford
Discussant: Michael Weber, Chicago