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Best Paper 2016
Gonzalo Maturana Emory, "Teachers Teaching Teachers: The Role of Networks on Financial Decisions"
Best Discussant 2016
Luke Taylor Wharton, "In Search of Ideas: Technological Innovation and Executive Pay Inequality"
by Carola Frydman and Dimitris Papanikolaou

Program Chair

John Campbell Harvard

Program Committee

Brian Boyer Brigham Young University
Lauren Cohen Harvard Business School
George Constantinides University of Chicago
Josh Coval Harvard Business School
Kent Daniel Columbia University
Karl Diether Brigham Young University
Andrea Eisfeldt UCLA
Leonid Kogan MIT
Francis Longstaff UCLA
Brigitte Madrian Harvard Kennedy School
Amit Seru Stanford
Tyler Shumway University of Michigan
Sheridan Titman University of Texas Austin
Keith Vorkink Brigham Young University
Mike Weisbach Ohio State University