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Thursday, 14 September 2017

07:00am — 08:00am Registration & Breakfast : Patio
08:00am — 08:15am Welcome : Conference Room
08:15am — 09:45am Session I : Conference Room
The Dividend Disconnect
Samuel Hartzmark, Chicago
David Solomon, USC
Discussant: Eric So, MIT
Political Cycles and Stock Returns
Lubos Pastor, Chicago
Pietro Veronesi, Chicago
Discussant: Rossen Valkanov, UCSD
Asset Pricing in the Quest for the New El Dorado
Daniel Andrei, UCLA
Bruce Carlin, UCLA
Discussant: Winston Dou, Wharton
09:45am — 10:00am Break : Patio
10:00am — 12:15pm Session II : Conference Room
The Relevance of Broker Networks for Information Diffusion in the Stock Market
Marco Di Maggio, Harvard
Francesco Franzoni, USI Lugano
Amir Kermani, Berkeley
Carlo Sommavilla, USI Lugano
Discussant: Johan Walden, Berkeley
Multi-Frequency Trade
Nicolas Crouzet, Northwestern
Ian Dew-Becker, Northwestern
Charles G. Nathanson, Northwestern
Discussant: Bradyn Breon-Drish, UCSD
12:15pm — 01:00pm Lunch : Patio
01:00pm — 01:15pm Shuttle to Outdoor Activities : Patio
01:15pm — 06:30pm Outdoor Activities : Zion National Park
07:30pm — 09:00pm Dinner : Enclave

Friday, 15 September 2017

07:00am — 08:00am Breakfast : Patio
08:00am — 09:30am Session III : Conference Room
Developing Novel Drugs
Joshua Krieger, MIT
Danielle Li, Harvard
Dimitris Papanikolaou, Northwestern
Discussant: Michael Weisbach, Ohio State
Equity Financing, Skill Composition, and Firm Wages
E. Han Kim, Michigan
Heuijung Kim, Sungkyunkwan University
Yuan Li, USC
Yao Lu and Xingzheng Shi, Tsinghua University
Discussant: Ben Iverson, BYU
Managers' Personal Bankruptcy Costs and Risk-Taking
David Schoenherr, Princeton
Discussant: Kelly Shue, Yale
09:30am — 09:45am Break : Patio
09:45am — 12:00pm Session IV : Conference Room
Why Don’t We Agree? Evidence from a Social Network of Investors
J. Anthony Cookson, Colorado
Marina Niessner, Yale
Discussant: Scott Yonker, Cornell
Real Effects of Search Frictions in Consumer Credit Markets
Bronson Argyle, BYU
Taylor Nadauld, BYU
Christopher Palmer, Berkeley
Discussant: Hoai-Luu Nguyen, Berkeley
12:00pm — 01:00pm Lunch : Patio
01:00pm — 06:30pm Outdoor Activities : Zion National Park
07:00pm — 07:30pm Reception : Enclave
07:30pm — 09:00pm Dinner : Enclave

Saturday, 16 September 2017

07:30am — 08:30am Breakfast : Patio
08:30am — 12:00pm Outdoor Activities : Zion National Park